He looked like a poor excuse for a member of a notorious LA gang

Zack went to Alder Hey today. We met with the Doctor at the Child Development Centre who suggested we took Zack to have an EEG due to our concern about his spasms. 

The EEG measures the electrical activity along the scalp produced via the brain, it can also let us know if Zack's little episodes are seizures or not. 

Zack had electrodes dotted all over his head and when I looked behind him he reminded me of Predator, you know the big alien thing with dreadlocks. It got even worse, to keep his little electrodes on he had to wear a hairnet that tied underneath his chubby chin. He looked like a poor excuse for a member of  a notorious LA gang. I think the tying of the net bonnet finished him off.  In protest he ripped out his NG tube and then cried through the whole thing.

Fortunately, he had two little episodes, these were recorded on film and the nurse noted down at what point they happened. This way we can try and get some answers. We won't find out the results until tomorrow or early next week.

I am hoping that he doesn't have infantile spasms and I am also hoping that if he is not suffering from seizures as we don't want to dope him up with medicine that will make him less responsive to all the stimulation we are giving him. But I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

I have found an excellent charity called Cerebra (link on the right). They provide help and advice for parents of children with brain injuries. They also have a lending library that will loan you books and sensory toys for free. It's fantastic. I ordered two books and a bubble lamp for Zack. I very nearly went for the suitcase of sensory toys but I had the feeling that I probably would have been more excited about them and Zack would have just fallen asleep. Best to stick to one item at a time. But seriously, I want that suitcase!!


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