I knew in my heart he wouldn't leave me

Tomorrow Zack is being Christened for the second time in his life.

The first time was done in a cloud of despair and failing hope. He was only twelve hours old. Doctors told us they didn't think the signs were very good. In my morphine hazed head I didn't want him to leave us without being baptised.

I was wheeled up to his incubator, they put up a blind to hide us away from the eyes of other parents. They will have heard the desperate baptism though, knowing why we were doing it. It was over within minutes and I knew in my heart he wouldn't leave me.

So tomorrow we do it right. How it should have been from the start, with friends and family. In a church, at a font and with hope.

The Pants is oblivious to the whole thing and has been having an off day today intermingled with puking. Hope he doesn't throw up in the holy water. That would be very rude.


Becca said…
How lovely - I hope you all have a wonderful day.

God Linzi. Reading your posts is like reading my own life story! They too offered to baptize Elin within the first week of her birth. I was adamant. No. She's not going anywhere. She WILL have a christening and it will be a lavish affair with a white frock for her and all our friends and family. And it was. I hope you had the WONDERFUL day you deserve . Huge hugs and love xx

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