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all of sudden big smile and a gggghhhhhhhh

Merry Christmas

the steroids did not work

New Zack picture

Zack smiled and laughed

The day Zack laughed

He screamed blue murder

Zack was so peeved he started crying

Which remained stuck in the air as evidence of his torture

He just sticks his tongue out

He had put on a pound in two weeks

He is wanted

Zack on film.

Okay that was impressive

Zack went mad

and there it was, a proper grin

So it is with trepidation I mention the pen torch....

Sweet Potatooooo Baaaaaaakkkkee

Dan told me that this was a pound a deer


Zack has been in a good mood over the past few days

He seemed quite impressed with Zack's Moose socks