Fern Britton used to be overweight but she had a gastric band fitted

Sometimes I don't know what Zack has to complain about, I mean he has had a lovely week so far. 

Okay it didn't start off too well, his dad took him for his second set of jabs. I was otherwise engaged in a very serious meeting of Jeremy Kyle watching. Actually the real reason is I hate needles. I can't stand them, which is odd really considering all the bloods I had to have taken when I was pregnant and then the countless bloods and needles they stuck in me when I had Zack. I'm not bothered about them being stuck in me I just can't watch them going in, so the thought of the Pants having two jabbed into his thighs at the same time is just too much, so I wimped out. Dan is much better at that kind of thing, plus he gets made a fuss of by the nurses, they coo on about how it's nice to see the dad's bringing the children in for their vaccinations.....yeah, yeah, well his mum does other good stuff, like teaching him that Fern Britton used to be overweight but she had a gastric band fitted, but pretended she had dieted and then everyone got cross at her, but it's okay now because we all love her again and oooooh isn't she thin!!
 I digress, so, after jab Tuesday, we had health visitor Wednesday. Oh my lord, how I love these visits. My Health Visitor is very nice, very friendly, but my God, how long will she be in my life. I get asked general questions about Zack which is fine and perfectly understandable. Then we have the chat about how I'm feeling, what have I been up to, what types of things have I been doing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! I sometimes wonder if she is expecting me to break down and say I can't cope, its all awful etc. etc. I know she is only doing her job, but I feel like she doesn't believe me when I tell her I am okay and that I am actually having quite a lovely time with Zack.
After our chat Zack got his weigh in (8lb 13, he's coming on, he was only 4lb 13 when he was born). Then he peed all over me. Health visitor and I both looked at his jab puncture wounds, Zack got even more annoyed at being naked, then she wrote in his read book and made an appointment to come back and see us both in two weeks time. Can't wait.
 We went off to Nan and Grandad Price, where Zack spent the afternoon getting hours of cuddles, I continuously asked how you get rid of a Health visitor and my mum continuously asked if Zack was warm enough and did he need another blanket.
 This was all rounded off with a trip to Mothercare for a Bumbo chair. Yes, ladies and gents a bumbo chair, it is now known in our house as a bumbum chair.  I never thought the day would come where I would use words such as bumbum chair, napnap, dumdum or cheeky boy! 

I have to thank a lady I met in the hospital for posting a pic of her little girl in one on facebook for this as I would never have known about them.



The bumbum chair!!!! Zack absolutely loves it. I popped him in it, stuck him on the kitchen work top and he was happy as larry, whilst I whizzed round feeding cats, tripping over cats and washing dishes. It's also good for getting him to practice holding his head up which he isn't bad at.

 Zack has also been sampling the delights of his own mix on the ipod. Yes he has his own playlist, it's full of kick ass tunes , such as Row, Row, Row your boat, The Farmer wants a wife and the old favourite, We've got the whole world in our Hands. The only trouble is that we can't work out how to not have them play during iTunes shuffle which means after a bit of Lady Gaga you're suddenly singing Five Little Ducks Go Swimming One Day.

Finally, Sir's eyesight is getting a little better, he is starting to follow his yellow and black book a bit more and today, he followed my eyes from right to left, all good stuff, so he can be forgiven for messing up my sophisticated taste in music. 


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