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Hey, Haigh Woodland Park

We are in the middle of the summer break. 

Summer break. Before it begins the mere thought of it fills me with dread. How on earth am I to fill six whole weeks, oh, no hang on, six weeks and two days with fun, laughter and memories. Aaaaaah, yes the cherished memories. We really do make this hard on ourselves, to be honest youngest one would be happy to eat blue slush all day and watch Horrible Histories back to back (at least its educational although dodgy on the nutrition side).

Yes, I do fear the summer holidays, but after the first week is out of the way I quite enjoy the endless days of pleasing ourselves, meeting with friends, going on adventures and even just hanging out at home. 

We went off for a visit to Haigh Woodland Park the other day. It's rather pleasant, lovely courtyard with a nice cafe, shops and a bakery that makes the most fantastic fresh sandwiches. A joy to eat outdoors whilst fighting off the wasps. 

It has a great play area. It's huge with lots for kids to …

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