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What a nasty man

Aaaaaaahhhh the joys of a holiday in a caravan. Cheap, cheerful, full of fun, exciting times when you are a six year old. Like you've fallen on hard times when you are a forty-something. 

Alas, that is where we spent five cosy days during the first week of the Easter holidays and we had a brilliant time. All shacked up together in a small plastic cabin and not one argument between us. 

We hired a rather nice adapted static caravan. Excellent ramp straight to the door, not so excellent flushed access from the ramp and over the threshold but better than lifting over several steps. Lots of room inside and a large bathroom with a shower seat.

It was during the evening of day one that Dan first pointed out the height of the sink and cooker or lack of it. Of course, adapted means everything is lower for wheelchair users. 

Beds were a thing of torture but bearable yet it allowed us to have an adventure and spend time together which we haven't been able to do for a while. 

As it turned out…

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