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Farted on with glitter

Zack and his pals (Harry and Cameron) went to The Lowry on Saturday to watch Home. It promised to be a show that incorporated sensory interaction created especially for audiences with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities). We were not disappointed.

We had an absolute ball. What a fully interactive, immersive, engaging performance from Frozen Light Theatre. You can read all about them on their website, it is clear to me that they have a very good understanding of how to engage with people who have PMLD.

I am still gobsmacked at how good they were, it's the first time I have been to an event that completely and utterly captured what it means to reach out to someone like my son. The performance blended all five senses, we didn't just watch we felt it, we heard it, we could smell it and we could touch it. To Zack that is conversation, that is interaction and that is bringing the world to him. 

The story follows two characters stranded within a desolate world ravaged by s…

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