Zack is trying to take over the world by launching a giant missile from outer space.

Damn you Asda.

You and your cheap little baby offers. I only went to purchase a bumper pack of bargain nappies and ended up coming back with a baby walker, travel cot and sit up cushion seat.

Well, the baby walker was the first thing. I thought, do you know what, I'll get it and see if Zack likes it. After all, it isn't that much and if he doesn't care for it we can always take it back. How wrong I was. The Pants likes, he likes a lot!! It's one of those stroller things you get kiddies for when they are trying to walk so they can push themselves round the room. Zack, can't walk but he really likes the standing up bit. We popped him in it, wiggled his bum back and placed his feet on the floor. At first he dropped his head forward and bent in two. Once we propped him back he held himself upright. He particularly liked the little toy bar that went across the tray as he used it to hold on to. Usually when Zack is introduced to anything new it takes him a while to get used to it but he hasn't had any tears or moaning whilst in his walker. Money well spent.

If Zack were to comment on his sitting cushion he would say,  "yeah, it's okay but you know it's not like the walker. I mean, I can sit on the floor an' everything, yeah, that's nice but after a while I end up with my neck leaning too far back so that's no good, plus my dad say's I look like Dr. Evil in it. " This is due to the fact that there is a little tray in front that has a mirror on it with crinkly bits around it, looks a bit like a control panel. Dan does have a point. From a distance it looks like Zack is trying to take over the world by launching a giant missile from outer space.


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