Zack's Christening

What a lovely day we all had. Granted the first part was spent hoping Zack didn't puke up over his gorgeous outfit or the Vicar. He managed a good cough in my face though, had hiccups all the way through the service, but all in all he did brilliantly.

The church was small and intimate and it was lovely to share this day with all our family and friends. Zack received so many wonderful cards and gifts I was overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of people.  A huge thank you to everyone. 

The get together afterwards went down well and I was so pleased with my boy for  being so good.  He was past about a lot and he didn't cry once, plus he wasn't his usual self as he had been out of sorts for a few days.

Towards the end he did crash out and I think the picture below says it all.....

Baptism......job done.


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