The break did us all good

We've been on holiday. Oh I do beg your pardon, we've been on a mini break. To the Lake District.

Found a lovely little self catering place to stay, which was so cosy, comfortable and clean that I could quite happily live there forever. Well, okay not forever, but definitely for more than a week or two. Liked it so much I am going to give it a little plug. Here's the link.

Ivythwaite Cottages, Windermere

Zack had a ball as we all did. He has been so happy and in such a good mood. The break did us all good. 

We've been on boats, in aquariums, visited animal parks. 

Here's the pics. Enjoy.

The Windermere

The Animal Park

Got myself a set of wheels from the gift shop

Afternoon tea for three

Zacky and Travel Teddy

On us boats


Otters bum


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