A very busy year

Happy New Year.

2014........the year of relax!!!

Well, that's the idea. You see 2013 has been a huge year for us all in this house. We have gone through many, many changes. Other than Zack being born, I cannot remember a year when both Dan and I had to continuously make so many decisions.

It probably began at the beginning of the year with the adaption to the house moving forward. By the end of June work had begun. This continued right up until mid November when Zack's new bedroom, bathroom and our new kitchen were all completed. Even now there are still things to do with Zacks room but at least it is complete build wise.

Below is a little montage of our journey.

Alongside this we were dealing with getting Zack's statement finalised. A job that required several amends and compromises just to ensure that he had a legal document that correctly stated his educational needs.

September followed with him starting school. A transition that had me very worried over the summer but one in which Zack took on with little fuss. I was amazed at how well he settled and how quickly he adapted to his new routine.

Scarlett also began three mornings a week at pre-school. Something I didn't envisage as being too much of a worry given her confidence and necessity for adventure. However, she too needed time to adapt. This adaption resulted in a lot of, shall we say head strong behaviour with the staff. I honestly used to dread going to collect her for fear of what she may have got up to. 

For example, during one snack time she was asked to sit down with the other children. Scarlett's response, arms folded, back turned to teacher, look of scorn as she peered over her shoulder with the comment "Huh, not a chance." You can see why I would try to creep in and out to collect her. I don't know where she gets her fire from!

Dan escaped during the month of July for a week in Whistler. Yes. A week. On holiday. Without children. Biking. I know, he is a very lucky man. He's trying it on for another trip next year but he can whistle for it, ha. (Joke).

During the mad building work we also managed to fit in a holiday to Devon. Dropping on with the weather (again) it was great. And Zack managed to do a whole journey without so much as a whimper.

All in all a very busy year. So yes, 2014, we have two big birthdays, both of us turn 40. Haaaaaaah, haaaaaaaaaaaah, that's me breathing into a bag. And I think, and I know I have said this before, but I think we are going to go abroad for a holiday.

Hope you all had a great year and I hope that you all have a fortunate, healthy happy 2014.


Anonymous said…
Great blog. My daughter olive...she was very poorly at birth and has cvi. What a peculiarly important comfort to read about lives that rhyme!

Julie B said…
Beautiful Blog! So great to read about your adventures!
I have just started my own Blog about raising my son with CP.
Please have a look!

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