Birthday celebrations

Despite having his fourth course of antibiotics Zack had a great birthday. His birthday celebrations seemed to continue for the whole week. All told he had a lovely tea party on the day with both sets of grandparents, a trip to Eureka, the children's museum and a third little get together with friends during half term. Not bad for someone who is only five. 

Here are some photos of his celebrations. 

Its My Birthday and we gonna party

A really, really, loud gun, I liked it, Scarlett didn't


Where am I?

Oh behind this huuuuge present

I got myself a large toy frame, muchos fun

With Nanny Barbara, that's my Grandad Mike

Nanny Barbara won't share me, that's Miniford, she's my Great Nanny

That's Nanny Anne, she stole me off Nanny Barbara


My family

Balloon, I'm not impressed

Eureka, touchy feely pods.

I'm having a lie down, I have another birthday on Saturday and one on Sunday. Is that it then?


Helen said…
Beautiful memories to be treasured! Happy birthday gorgeous boy. Love the warbys. Xxxx

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