The dying chair

I should have mentioned Zack's got some new legs. Not actual legs, he's still got his own, they're getting quite chunky. By legs, I mean wheels.

We said goodbye to his old wheelchair. Old faithful. The one that is featured in so many photographs on this blog. It had been everywhere with us, days out, holidays, it even went abroad. Then one day, quite dramatically, it just gave up, in the middle of Debenhams, it quit.

As I casually strolled towards the lift with one eye on a four year old looking for toys, I heard shrieks from behind, followed by Dan shouting my name, which could only mean one thing, panic, or man drama.

It was panic, I turned to see the wheelchair collapsing in half with Zack still sat in it and Dan trying his best to keep it open. I should also mention that there was a store assistant stocking shelves who did nothing to help, thank you helpful Debenham's staff.

We got Zack out and folded the dying chair in half carrying it back to the car two heavy weights, one in need of new legs and one with no hope. (The wheelchair, had no hope, the wheelchair).

Fortunately at the time we had been testing out this little beauty over the summer.

I can honestly say it is one of the best wheelchairs Zack has ever used. We have always had issues with Zack being able to maintain staying in a wheelchair for long periods but with the Chunc he is very, very comfortable. One day he even managed to sit in his chair for over three hours, unheard of in Zack world.

When we got our new chunk, there were a few teething problems with the set up, it needed a few adjustments and tweaks. And this is where the company really do come into a league of their own. Nothing was too much trouble. There was no long waiting period, everything was dealt with efficiently and quickly. You were looked after and you truly do feel like they want to get this right for you because it is too important to not get right. They want you to be completely happy with the Chunc.

After it been tweaked and adjusted, Zack was good to go, and we haven't looked back. Out of all of our equipment this is one of the most important pieces. And Zack's new legs are looking the business. Thank you Chunc.


Anonymous said…
Oh the collapsing wheelchair .......always at the wrong time. (Is there ever a right time!).

Our worst one was in France .....lap strap buckle broke .....temporary tepair out of luggage strap!

Gaffer tape, Velcro and cable ties have been used in wheelchair collapse! ( my son is 25 with CP!)

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