100 little bits to this toy

What to do, what to do. 

Birthdays, they are getting harder. 

What do you get a little boy with cerebral palsy now that he is almost eight years old? It's not like I can pop to the toy shop and pick up the latest must have or a spot of lego. No, it takes a lot of thinking. 

The main toy/present buying requirements fall into several tick boxes 

1. is it noisy

2. does it light up

3. does it vibrate

4. is it something he can put his hands into. 

I don't think these things when buying for Scarlett, I just think are there 100 little bits to this toy that are going to end up all over the floor and stuck in the hoover (that usually equates to nope not buying that). 

Talking of small bits I almost bought both of them that new toy called Bunchems. Looks really good. Little sticky ball things that you can shape into all sorts of creations. Oooooh yes, both kids would like that, Zack especially as it's all feely sensory kind of stuff. 

I thought I was on a winner until I saw this warning.......

Yep. That is the picture of some little child who got a raft of these things stuck in her hair. Given that 1. Scarlett continuously has her long hair flowing free and 2. Zack has the most incredible mop of curly hair on the planet this could only lead to disaster.

I am still tempted though.....actually, no. There are youtube videos of instructions in how to remove these things from hair.

Well, back to the drawing board. So far we have figured Zack likes Star Wars and Iron Man. Cue new Storm Trooper that makes sounds and noises whenever you move him and a Noctobat. I also have plans to purchase a bell ringing set and triangle. See above checklist.....noise.

You see it is hard especially when he can't say mum could I have a new iPhone instead of that crap bat thing you've got me. So I carry on second guessing and believing that what we buy him ticks the sensory boxes and makes the birthday boy happy. Failing all of the above I know a cuddle for about two hours would make him just as happy so who is the fool.


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