You ever searched for a foxes tail on ebay?

Yesterday was World Book Day.

World Book Day is officially a thing. I think it became a definite thing a few years back, but now it is a definite thing, rather than just a casual thing.

I know this because supermarkets now stock up on character costumes at least eight weeks prior to the event.

I quite like World Book Day. I like books and I think if it creates more interest in books for children then that's no bad thing.

What is bad is the fact that you now have to add in another costume outfit to your already busy schedule of general costume/craft/baking/Easter frigging bonnet making itinerary throughout the year. 

My two went in as Fantastic Mrs Fox and a blue bear that gives out free hugs (I made that last bit up, but he had received the outfit as a birthday gift and it came in useful). 

That Mrs Fox though! I tried to suggest she went as Veruca Salt, easy costume, golden egg, done. She certainly has the temperament nailed. 

Oh, no. It was Mrs Fox. This equates to one yellow dress, painting on red apples, finding a fox mask and painting that because the one off ebay didn't arrive as it's from pigging China!

Lastly finding a foxes tail. You ever searched for a foxes tail on ebay?  No, neither have I. But this is what you discover when you search foxes tail.......(clicked on the link, because I'm not putting that picture on here!)



Look if that's what people are into, well, fine. And I'm not usually surprised by things but wow. Okay.

Obviously that was an unsuitable tail so back to my search which finally lead to some fur detachable collar off my coat folded in half and pinned to a belt. Job done. 

So yes, World Book Day, a great idea. A pain in the arse for me. (Sorry I couldn't help that.)


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