It was a wide eyed open mouth smile

This week has been both a pain in the backside and an absolute joy. 

It seems as I continue writing this blog that there only exists in Zack's world me and his dad. There are, of course, many, many other people in our lives but I don't mention them here. This blog can be read by anyone, and whilst I am happy to share the experience of our lives with Zack, I don't think it's right to mention other people without their permission. 

This leads me to the pain in the backside part....As much as I want to write about the complete idiots that sometimes don't think about what they say I can't. So the bad stuff that happened this week will have to be written about somewhere else. Sorry about that. Maybe I'll combine them both one day, for now it stays somewhere else.

But here's the good stuff........ever since we popped in Zack's hearing aids (his hearers as we now affectionately call them) he has been responding to his environment a bit more. I have discovered a new game he likes to play. I call it whooooooh let's pull up the Pants. It involves Zack lying on my knee and me pulling him up to a sitting position with his hands. This is followed with lots of hellos and clapping of his hands. This amuses him so much so that we think (well I know for sure) he smiled at me. It just so happened that Dan saw him do it at the same time. It was a wide eyed open mouth smile. Dan said it was nearly there, I know it was there. It was fantastic. 

We had a nice visit on Friday from the vision specialist teacher, she brought with her another new recruit to Zack's growing band of helpers. This lady was a rehabilitation officer with a specialism in vision. They were very impressed with Zack's pimped up Little Room and gave me some more good tips about laying him on top of different materials so that he can feel more things beneath him. They also suggested putting something at the bottom of his feet which he could press against, this again all helps to make him more aware of his environment. They were very impressed with his action in the little room. He did his best I'm having a good look at this toy stare and a good lot of arm and leg action. He did even more when he had his hearers popped in. They both said that his vision is even better with them in. When he sat on my knee, he held his head up for a good while having a look at one of the pictures on the wall. I was very proud of him.

In the afternoon we went to visit the new Brainwave centre in Warrington. This was a place we had considered taking Zack but it was down south so we were pleased to hear that they had opened a centre in the Northwest and it is only 20 minutes away. It takes an integrated approach to working with your child as an individual and looks at all aspects of physical, sensory and cognitive development. Basically I think you have an assessment over two days with physiotherapists and occupational therapists who then give you a programme to do at home with Zack, with a view to improving his condition. They work on the theory of neuroplasticity, that the brain can find new ways of working. I could go into more detail but if you're really that interested here's a good website....
I think for now we are going to wait until the new year if we decide to take Zack along. By that time he will be a little older and they will have been up and running for a while, and had enough time to iron out any teething problems.

Dan had a daddy and son day on Saturday. He took Zack off to the shops to buy some inner tubes....mmmmmm can't say I would be that thrilled about shopping for inner tubes, but each to their own. I took the opportunity to dye my hair and have the house to myself......They came back an hour and half later, the Pant's was not happy. Apparently he enjoyed the ride out in the Mazda, liked listening to Metallica, was good in the shops but then got fed up on the way back as it was a bit hot and he had a wet nappy (Zack not his dad). Oh well, at least I managed to get the hair dye on my head.


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