Zack has a cold. Well it had to happen sooner or later. He's not been so great over the weekend with coughing and making attempts to clear his throat. Poor thing, he really struggles with mucus at the back of his throat but this cold has made him much worse. We have given him some water which helped a bit but for now it's just riding out the storm. We were worried at first that he may have started to struggle with dealing with his secretions in his mouth but this was all dismissed when Dan kindly informed me at 6.30 in the morning that Zack definitely has a cold as he had just yacked up some big green stuff. Great, I thought, I'm so proud of my son and his ability to get rid of his cold blobs.
Previously to the onset of coldville Zack has had a quietish week except for a bit of physiotherapy. Another home visit resulted in Zack getting plonked on top of a plastic tube and encouraged to raise his head. He did this a few times and then shut his eyes.
"Oh look he's tired, he's gone to sleep." said our friendly physio, "Oh no" I replied knowingly, "He's just shut his eyes because he doesn't want to do it any more, he's just pretending."
"No, he's definitely asleep."
"Nope, trust me, when he decides he's not playing he'll either look away from you or shut his eyes"
And sure enough we both saw him half open his eyelids and peep over his shoulder to see if she was still there. One thing is for sure, Zack always knows what he doesn't want to do. And when he doesn't want to do something no amount of force will make him budge!

We got sent a letter the other day from the Dr we see at the child development centre detailing his diagnosis and therapy etc. etc. It also mentioned a little bit about Zack's start. Apparently when he was born it took 14 minutes to get a trace of a heartbeat after a second shot of adrenalin they got a heartbeat at 18 minutes. He was transferred to the SCBU at 35 minutes of age. That boy is amazing. 18 minutes it took him to come back to us. Some people hate the phrase "everything happens for a reason" as though we are not masters of our own destiny. And to some extent we are, the choices we make and the paths we choose lead us through our own lives but I do believe that things happen for a reason, often to teach us something that we need to learn. I am so grateful to the doctor that decided to try and bring him back to me even though I have questioned why and how they make the choice to try and resussitate a baby and to what expense.

Dan and I went out for our first outing on our own without the Pants this week. It was Dan's birthday and he wanted to go and see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It's not really my cup of tea but as I am such a good partner and it was his birthday I didn't put up a fight.
Nan and Grandad Price where the designated baby sitters. After we fed Zack off we went for our afternoon out....I felt like I had left my right arm at home. Dan wasn't too bothered as he was used to it, after all he goes off to work every day leaving Zack with me. I've never left Zack with anyone other than Dan. It was both good and odd to be out just the two of us. It was like before Zack but strangely not quite right. As soon as the film had finished I was up and out of the seat......well I was worried about him getting hungry plus he had just started with the coughing cold. We got back home. Everything was fine. Apparently he had been good all afternoon apart from about 4pm when he had a coughing fit which caused a little panic. Once he got some food down him he was back to his normal contented self. We are off out again, this time for a meal in the evening and Nan and Grandad Gould will be looking after him. I hope I get used to this leaving him.......but at the moment it isn't looking too good.


Tina said…
aww Eve pretends to be asleep too.
Hope you can lern to enjoy time out...othrs will care for him adequately and you need to keep time for yourselves.

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