all of sudden big smile and a gggghhhhhhhh

We think Zack enjoyed his first Christmas, well, we think as much as guess he enjoyed it. One thing is for sure he got spoilt rotten. I have never seen so many presents, of which, I obviously had to unwrap for him. It was never-ending, so much so I got a sweat on, Zack on the other hand had his usual I am totally not bothered about any of this look on his face. We had all just about got dressed and sorted out when Grandma and Grandad Gould visited along with Great Granny Fairhurst. This meant more presents. After an hour of more treats we went off to Nanny and Grandad Price as we were having our Christmas lunch with them. Well you can't expect me to cook, I have a young child now. Plus I would never have gotten round to the cooking given the amount of unwrapping I had to complete. We had a lovely meal and Zack was very well behaved, graciously having a nod in his bouncy chair whilst we ate.

On Boxing Day we decided to brave the sales at stupid o'clock in the morning. I know how very sad. Zack thought the whole thing was amusing and spent the morning asleep and then awake smiling at the Christmas lights. Or he could have been smiling at the fact that there was a mile long queue of people trying to get into baby Next. Now that is ridiculous. And no, I did not queue.

In the afternoon we went to Nan and Grandad Gould for more eating. Again Zack was very well behaved and even cracked a few smiles here and there. Unfortunately his Grandad missed them but his Great Granny got three.

The rest of Christmas has been a bit of a blur but it has been lovely having the three of us at home and not having to go to one single appointment. It made me realise that I am definitely not going to do more than two a week. At the very most I only want one a week so come the new year, the foot will go down firmly.

We had some more laughing from Zack. Today in fact. Dan was on his way out in the morning and said that Zack wasn't giving him any smiles when all of sudden big smile and a gggghhhhhhhh. Oh. So I started to rub Zack's hand again (it's a new thing we found he likes) more ggggghhhh so I shouted for Dan and he actually heard and saw the laugh. Zack laughed quite a few times and I am so glad Dan caught it. Here's to lots more giggles in the New Year.


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