The day Zack laughed

Oh. My. God.

I won't forget this day. Zack laughed. He has done it once before but I couldn't be 100% sure but this time, it was the sweetest, cutest, little laugh. Twice.

I can't even say that I was doing something funny and believe me I have tried to do funny. Tried the funny faces, the silly voices, the peek-a-boos, the jumping up and down, everything. I may have gotten the odd smile but it's hard work. Zack is a tough crowd. Well this evening I was doing the least funny thing you could imagine.

We were in the bathroom and I was running his bath. Zack was on his towel on the floor and I was telling him he was going to have a bath and taking his top off when he looked straight at me and did a really long baby chuckle. At first I looked at him and thought, what the hell was that noise and then he did it again. I started shouting for Dan but as soon as he came in he had stopped. I couldn't get him to do it again. Dan asked what it sounded it like, I said exactly how a baby would chuckle if they found something really amusing. I am in complete shock. I have never heard Zack make a baby noise let alone laugh. I wish Dan could have shared it too as I will never forget it, but I have a feeling this isn't the last laugh from Zack.

Well done the Pants.


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