You get a photo taken

Well Zack went to get his feet measured at the weekend and ended up with his first pair of shoes. 

We needed to get his feet measured for some Piedro boots which he might need to wear when he is in his standing frame. What we weren't prepared for is the excitement of the first pair of shoe buying. The nice lady in well known shoe shop which shall be not be named ( no free plugs here, ha! as if I have a million readers) did the measuring. Three and a half H he is and nice lady brought out a selection of shoes to try.

We picked him some cute ones and then she suddenly appeared with a camera. Apparently, when it's your first shoes you get a photo taken and it's then popped on a card saying first shoes. The Pants looks sharp as a button on it, Dan looks in shock!  I think the shock may be at the price of the new shoes that I seem to easily be purchasing. "They cost more than mine!" he commented, "Oh come on" I said, "they're his first shoes, look he has a picture." The Pants and I were very excited about the whole thing, Dan was still wondering how much wear he would get out of the nice shoes. 

Oh whatever, look, here they are.....very cute. (Also note my scummy foot)

As promised here are some pictures of Zack in his standing frame. Notice, standing in new shoes! 

This is my 100th post. I feel that there should be a fanfare or trumpets or at least a party popper. Go on stop reading and throw a streamer.


Anonymous said…
and Ta Ra Party Popper.

You write a brilliant blog so here's to the next 100. Hip Hip Hurrah. Zack looks so cute in his standing chair and in his new shoes.

Well thank you very much Mrs N. xxx

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