Hey look at me

Took Zack to two play groups this week, the lucky boy. 

First one was the monthly group run by the vision specialist team. It was good, they had a bonfire theme but Zack was more interested in a little girl a year younger than him. She is very sweet but gets upset a bit as babies do, well he was fascinated by her crying. Wasn't interested in the fact he had a furry hat placed on his head or was shown a branch to represent the bonfire, nope, he was all about the ladies.

That same lady came along to play group number two run by one of the mummies from play group one (are you all keeping up).  Zack had the best day ever at this play group two, he loved it, he was smizing at everyone (smizing = smiling with his mouth and eyes, see Americas Next Top Model for reference). He even rolled over from his back to his sides, the little show off. 

At one point I put a little plastic frame over him that had toys dangling down. Toys, I don't need toys. Watch this, and he grabbed hold of the side and tried to pull himself up, all the while looking at his new little girl pal. If he could speak I'm sure he would say, hey look at me, look at meeee, look what I can do (in a Stewie Griffen voice, in my head that's what Zack sounds like). 

He was even a good boy in his car seat. What a delight.

Feeding is continuing to go well and I have now stopped giving him that horrid Infatrini Energy and no sick. Nope no sicky. It's fantastic. We still get a teeny bit here and there but over all it's a great improvement. We are now on three meals a day, two drinks of whole milk and a pump feed of just water at night. Amazing. He is even going to bed at around 8pm and sleeping through until 6.30am. Although I can't help but think that as I type this next week I will be saying oh God, what's with the waking in the night, or oh no the sickness is back. But for now, the Pants is just brilliant and amazing. 


Tia said…
That's brilliant - well done Zack!

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