Jealous me. Not much.

Right the thing is I put in all the hard graft with Zack. I do all his therapy, his physio, play games with him, take him to playgroups, take him for walks, show him things, read to him etc etc. I don't mind doing all of this, in fact I love it and I am very lucky to not have to go to work so that I can spend my time helping him. 

But, why, when his dad is out working hard to look after the pennies does he get rewarded with the good stuff. Yep. The other evening Zack decided that now would be a good time to show how he can roll from his back to his side. 

I have been trying to get him to roll from his back to side for ages. I didn't believe that he could do it. So Dan showed me or rather showed off at how he got Zack to roll. And the little bugger did it again, both sides. It's was brilliant and a huge step forward.

Oh and before that Zack was on his mat and Dan was chatting to him and Zack was giving him lots of smiles when he did an agoooo noise back. Right. Now you decide you'd like to chat with your daddy as well. Hmph.

Jealous me. Not much.

(Very proud of Zack though. The sod hasn't done any rolling for me since the other night may be he's saving sitting, walking and bloody talking for his favourite person, Daddy!)


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