Yes SANTAAAAAAAAAAA complete with presents.

Tis the season for lots of parties, troll-la-la-la-lahhhhh la la laa laaaaah laaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Zack went to the first of three Xmas parties today. Yep, three. He's not even two years old and his social calendar can be likened to an A-list celebrity, well more like Z list but it's good to have a goal.

This one was at a rather nice hotel in Warrington and was organised by Families United. What can I say. It was brilliant. Lovely venue, gorgeous food for both adults and children. Children's entertainer and Santa.

Yes SANTAAAAAAAAAAA complete with presents. Oh and lets not forget the Mayor and Mrs Mayor. 

Zack had his new party outfit on and was looking very dapper. He started off the afternoon with a power nap whilst getting a PEG feed. Who needs to be awake to eat. After the twenty minute power nap, he woke up and looked in shock. I think he forgot that he was out and not at home. But it's okay, just change my bum and I will be ready to party.

He sang, or rather shook his musical instrument to some Christmas Carols. He met Santa and the Mayor and got a present, he even gave Santa a festive grin. He watched a puppet show, got bored with puppet show and decided to check out the other children. 

Finally he was kidnapped by another parent who wanted to meet him and have a cuddle. But what a brilliant afternoon. Oh well one down, two to go. Here's some pictures.

The Pants meets the Santa

He goes in for the present

OOOOOh what have we got dad?


What's going on?

Oh hi dad, I got me some raffle tickets


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