We have splashed out on the rolls royce of blenders

Zack's new diet of blended food is going extremely well, he is putting on weight and growing. We are now completely off the formula milk he was given and his vomiting/refulx has much improved. 

With all these positive signs we have splashed out on the rolls royce of blenders, the Vitamix. Yes it is very expensive and ordinarily I wouldn't even contemplate paying so much money for a household item. However, having read the reviews of people who have bought one I thought it was well worth the investment given that Zack is now on a total blended diet. 

And oh my it is amazing. Here is a link to a video if you are that interested in it. 

Vitamix Video

Normally I would have blended Zack's food up then sieved it to ensure no lumps but not with the Vitamix, a.k.a. Boris. The other day we did a jacket potato complete with skin and it blended it up in less than 10 seconds to a smooth consistency. Wow. 

Now Zack can have anything with no worry of lumps blocking his tube. So glad we got Boris.

Zack went to his second Christmas party. His third one was cancelled due to the snow but is to be rearranged. 

Party number two was at his vision play-group. The Pants took his daddy along. Well he kept looking at him, a little confused as to why he was there, but showed him what he got up to at his play-group. This included making a christmas card, winning the pass the parcel, meeting Father Christmas again and getting another present. The lucky boy.

Talking of being a lucky boy I noticed that most of the presents under the tree are for his lordship. I mean how did that happen, I was only going to get him a few and now he has a lot. Still he's been a good boy and deserves to be spoilt now and again. 

We are all looking forward to Christmas and Zack his being his charming self for his daddy. Who came home having finished work last week and was astounded at how happy and good Zack was being in his chair. He enquired as to whether he was like this for me every day. Pretty much I said. See for yourselves.


Becky said…
Yay - the Vitamix Rocks!
We call ours Glenda....
Enjoy Christmas dinner little man
B - L's mum xxxx

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