Hold on to your Pants, The Pants went for his first hair cut

I think it was coming back from being in hospital that made me realise how wild and big Zack's hair had become.

He needed a haircut. Fast. 

Not only was he catching it by accident in his hands and accidentally pulling bits out, which would result in the most upset crying ever. But it was just starting to look a bit ridiculous. And this little guy cannot do ridiculous. 

So we booked an appointment at the hairdressers and off we went.

He was pretty good in the chair, he tolerated the haircut, even smiled at the hairdresser. But after 20 minutes he was getting a bit fed up and he didn't get asked if he was going anywhere nice on his holidays.

Although it doesn't look too different, it's been thinned out a bit and tidied up and I must say he looks even more handsome.

He even took his own wallet to pay for his haircut. I told Dan this as we left and he looked at me in horror. "You made him pay for his haircut with his own birthday/Christmas money?"  "Yep," I replied. 
"That's so tight, do you think when Scarlett grows up and she wants highlights you'll be making her pay with birthday/Christmas money?" "Nope. She'll come and see her daddy about that one."

Oh he has a lot to learn about the ladies.

Before, during and after shots below. 

Before a right old mop.

During he is not happy about the cape

After not much different but thinned out ad less frzzy.  How happy does he look with his new hair cut....not.


Claire said…
I love his curls I'm so jealous :)

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