Zack has a sister.

This is Scarlett Gould-Price, born on Tuesday 1st March at 1.13pm and weighed 6lb 5. 

The first meeting between the Pants and his sister went well on his part. He smiled politely, got a good look at her and she screamed in his ear, he quite liked this. 

The other day they were on the bed lying next to each other and I turned around to find him holding her little hand.  She was still screaming in his ear. I think he might get fed up of the screaming by week two.

Anyway I just wanted to update the blog but too tired to write lots more which I will do when we have all settled in to a nice routine. (Ha! Yeah nice routine like that is going to ever be the case).

Enjoy the pictures for now.

And who knew that Coronation Streets Peter Barlow makes celebrity appearances at a birth near you!!!!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations - that's absolutely wonderful news! Scarlett looks so beautiful, and how lovely for Zac to have a sister.
Nigel Monckton said…
Congratulations guys. Sure Zack wont be the only one fed up with the screaming by the end of two weeks. :0)
mamalewis said…
I love the name Scarlett. Gone with the Wind is my absolute favourite book.

The photos of the two of them together on the bed look adorable. Many many many congratulations!

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