Complete with frozen yoghurt

We've been back to boot camp. 

Don't think Zack was too impressed, he did better than I expected though. I thought there would be more moaning, he did protest a little and ignored almost everyone. However it was good to get back into it all.

Think we are going to go just once a week for now and see how it all goes before going back to twice a week. 

We bought a buggy pod this weekend. What is that you may ask? Only a handy little device that is a child's seat with wheel that attaches to most single buggies, giving you two for the price of one. Oh here take a look.

Buggy Pod

Now I don't have to balance Scarlett in one hand, Zack's nursery bag in the other and push Zack's Swifty chair just to get him into pre-school. I can just pop the buggy pod on strap them both in, drop Zack off still in his chair, unclip buggy pod (obviously removing Scarlett first) and take pod with me, leaving Zack and chair behind. Brilliant. 

We now have one wonderful double buggy for sale. The Mini City Jogger. Did a great job for the short term but it needs to be sold, so if anyone knows of someone in need drop me a line.

After the pod buying we all went off for some family lunch. Zack was very well behaved, a gentleman, a good little boy. Scarlett on the other hand was reasonably well behaved, but played up a bit due to the excitement of eating out with the whole family. She even had a full child's meal complete with frozen yoghurt (which she loved). Actually, frozen yoghurt was a hit with the Pants too, but I don't think his sister was up for sharing the love.

Zack's had a good day seizure wise and is improving with his blocked nose cold, so less snorting all round. 


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