On a bum note

On Sunday we all went to Space with our friends from Families United

It's a multi-sensory play centre in Preston with soft play, ball pool, heated water bed and a huuuuge slide.

Zack loved it and so did first time visitor Scarlett, take a look at them enjoying some bonding time on the big swing (Zack's favourite part of the visit).

On a bum note (pun intended), I got an unsupportive result back from the O.T with regards to my request for suitable seating for toilet training. Apparently management (whomever they are) don't think he is developmentally ready for it. 

Truth be told I knew I would get that answer. Helpfully it was suggested I just try him on an ordinary potty chair from Mothercare and if I am successful a suitable chair can be looked into. On the other hand use his Disability Living Allowance to buy the chair as this is what's it's for. Either way they are not going to offer any help with regards this matter. 

I have asked for the relevant members of staff higher up to write to, don't think I will get anywhere but I still want them to consider this matter not just for Zack but for other children like him.

Seizures remain the same. Definitely longer, they last about thirty seconds now so I am starting to think we need to re-look at medication again. 

Come Friday Zack is going back to boot camp. We'll see how we go, I'm glad really as we haven't seen the physio for ages and we need to get back on track with some therapy for him.

Busy times for the Pants and a birthday coming along very soon, can't believe he will be three in a couple of weeks. 


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