Applause, very good old people

I have blog guilt. 

Not posted for a while, but I have been busy. It's hard work trying to entertain two small creatures. I have discovered that Play Doh holds the key. Well for the smallest one anyway. 

Zack loves squishing it and Scarlett, she likes to sniff it, walk round with the pot, sniff that, then attempt to eat some of it. 

Pants has been a bit poorly. He developed some high temperature, vomiting, upset stomach bug. The doctor gave us some antibiotics just to be safe. Safe of what? Probably to ensure that if he did have anything chesty it didn't get worse or develop into anything nasty. No idea what it was but it seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived. 

He's been in a lovely mood these past few days. Very smiley, very happy, very responsive. We even left him with Nanny/Grandad Price. And Nanny Price did all of his afternoon food on her own, medicines too. She was extremely pleased with herself. We have to give some credit to Grandad Price as he mixed up Zack's food in the blender. Ahem. Stand up, applause, very good old people, proud of you. I can say that, I know they read this. Hahahaha.

Zack's trike has arrived. My, oh, my it's fantastic and he loves it. But I am not going to say too much now, I am going to film him on it for his blog. So watch this space.

We are off on our hols next week, North Wales, not too far but far enough for it to be a change of scene and a break for all of us. Excited. Yes. 

Final update, Zack went to see eye lady. Usually he reserves all of his ability to see for home this makes me look like a deranged liar when I tell people what he can and can't do.  However today, what a brilliant little man. She actually saw him, watch, follow, smile at and laugh, yes laugh at the toys. She was really delighted with his progress. She still thinks he is a cheeky boy....I've said that all along. But that just makes me love him all the more. 


Claire said…
Awesome news about Zack's trike, John loves his and his dad hitches up the bike trailer so he can toe his little brother. Hope Zack has lots of fun on his trike :)

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