Six long weeks

It's the summer holidays. The "Summer Holiday" season has always eluded me, I didn't really get why people would go on about it. I get it now. 

Six weeks of having both children to look after, for six long weeks. I think I got used to having three mornings with just one child when Zack went to nursery. I understand why summer could be so difficult, thought it would be nice to have six weeks of nothing. It also completely throws your routine out of the window. 

On the plus side some nice things have happened. Dan is off for a week which means days out all together, and days to ourselves. 

This weekend we had Scarlett christened. We were really pleased to have it at the same church with the same Curate that Baptised Zack. It was a lovely day and Zack was brilliant. Scarlett was, as usual, fabulous. Here are some pictures for those of you who haven't already seen them on Facebook.

Looking fine and dandy

Don't think she rates his outfit.


We have also been making use of the fantastic Warrington Sensory Play Centre in Woolston. It's a soft play area especially designed for children with Special Needs. During the holidays they have been running a session on a Monday for a couple of hours called Dolphins (no idea why we have that name but no matter). It's for children with complex needs. As well as the usual soft play things they also have a sensory room, an area for use with ultra violet light, a quieter dark area with two projectors.  It really is a brilliant facility for the Warrington area. 

Scarlett loved it. But the Pants, he thought it was brilliant. They have a very large soft play slide. I let Zack go down on his own. He shut his eyes the whole way down then laughed his head off at the bottom. This called for a lot of slide activity....any excuse to play really. 


Linzi - looks like you're having a fab time. Scarlett & Zack look gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your hols x

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