Dressed up as large rodents

Did I mention that we have been on holiday?

Yes, we have been on holiday. It all seems like too long ago now but we spent a few nights in North Wales, near Porthmadog I think. Another caravan holiday, it was brilliant. 

We had a fantastic view of the sea and beach (don't know what bloody sea it was I am rubbish at geography). Scarlett thought she had her own little house complete with easily accessible bedrooms and toilet. Zack was very happy with the place.

We took them swimming which they loved. On the first night we went to view the local scene. By scene I mean people dressed up as large rodents pretending to DJ. Zack managed an hour before the loud noise, bright lights and crowds got too much for him. As for Scaz, well one night led to me having to take my 18 month old daughter disco dancing every evening. May as well enjoy it now, one day she will want me or her dad to pick her up from around the corner and keep a distance of at least fifty feet from her.

It all went too quickly. Next year we may try abroad....hahahahaha......hahahahaha......that is both excited and demented laugh. I must be mad.

Here's some holiday pictures.
Caravan living

Post swim session.

One of our many views

Beach ready


Happiness is...

Is it disco yet?????

Still not managed to extract Zack's bike pictures. Still not giving up.


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