Not much crying

What do you do on a cold, very wet Monday morning? Why, get up at 6am and take your son to Manchester Children's Hospital of course.

Zack went in to get fitted with grommets to fix his glue ear that has remained since birth.  Essentially a little cut is made into both ears and the grommet, a little tube, is inserted. All the fluid and wax is also drained. All done to hopefully improve hearing.

I was really impressed with how efficient the hospital was, we were in by 7.30am and Zack was all done and ready to come home by 1pm. 

I am also super impressed with how amazingly well Zack did. Not much crying and it hasn't seemed to have knocked him back at all. As for his hearing well, I can notice a change in his behaviour he is jumping a lot more if you talk too loudly and he is turning to people's voices. 

I know that after a few months the grommets may naturally fall out but for now I am happy that it is giving him the opportunity to hear how we hear.


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