Big bold letters

Had a busy afternoon. Turned into two simultaneous meetings with two different Occupational Therapists.

One came round to look at Zack's chair in an effort to ascertain whether it would be practical to order the same one for school. The other came round to look at what I need with regards to the adaption and hoisting.

Alongside this I had Scarlett running round thinking everyone had come to play with her and calling the first O.T nanny, despite my attempts to explain that this wasn't her name and not every lady who comes to visit is called Nanny. 

The hoist man was very helpful, sorted out what type of shower bench thingy we are going to have in Zack's new wet-room. We also tried Zack out in a hoist, well a portable hoist, kind of a big blanket that cradles him as he is lifted. He quite liked it, looked very cosy. 

I think some parents may get upset at the point whereby hoists and tracks are mounted to the ceiling. Guess it says in big bold letters your child can't and probably won't ever walk and you need this equipment in order for you to safely move him from place to place. I wasn't phased, to me it's just something extra we need in order to make our situation work. He's only little now but in a few years my back may not be saying "ohhhh go on pick him up you can take it." 

By the way did you notice I said probably never walk. Just because we have adaptions, hoists, special seating etc. doesn't mean I give up on hoping. The day I do that is the day I've given up on him and I don't know what the future will bring........

Most likely a tracking and hoist system though. 


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