Legs in casts

Took Zack to have his feet put in casts today.

He hasn't broken them, he was getting fitted for some splints or to use the correct term, Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO).

They look like this.

AFO Pictures

And are designed to help provide more support for the ankle and knee. The physio suggested we get some as Zack is doing more standing. By that she means more standing in his standing frame but equal there is now evidence of him pushing through his legs to stand. This is all thanks to Conductive Education and not the physio he receives via the NHS, that is neither here nor there.

The other reason for Zack to have AFOs is that his ankle is rolling out, it isn't quite straight. Probably due to the fact that he doesn't use his legs and that his spasticity in his muscles is also pulling it in that direction. When I was shown the cast I could see quite clearly how the ankle turns out, it isn't extreme but it is visible.

Zack quite enjoyed having his legs put in casts. In fact, he was extremely relaxed. Scarlett enjoyed eating her milky bar, sitting on the big bed and accidently banging her head on the wall.

We chose red splints with footballs on them, a popular choice we were told.

This week I will be leaving Zack at Boot Camp on his own. Not entirely on his own the other children will be there along with his Conductive teacher and assistants. Yes, Zack will be at torture school by himself. I think he has come a long way since we began the sessions. He very rarely cries any more, he doesn't moan much, I would go so far as to say that he is starting to enjoy the sessions. What's more I think that the staff have a very good understanding of Zack and his needs, how he reacts to certain things and what his cut off points are. Think we can stop referring to it as torture school now and it will affectionately remain as boot camp.

The Legacy Rainbow House is much more than a place where I take Zack for Conductive Education it also offers support, information and help in many areas of Zack's life. Of the therapies Zack has taken part in this is the only place which takes a genuine interest in the child outside of the centre. They have been there to help with my statement process, offer extra guidance for home therapy, provided equipment through school holidays so that I can continue with the programme. They have also helped in funding. Rainbow House is a fabulous place and a fantastic charity. Take a look at their website and if you do know of any companies/individuals considering supporting a local charity please, please mention them.


Anonymous said…

Gosh, you have been very busy lately and things are happening; Zack will have his new room with the equipment he needs and your back will be spared. Think his new splints look very trendy Linzi - red for Liverpool?. Nasty pointless comments were disgusting and no person with such views should be allowed to hold a position of authority.
Marjorie x

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