Negative comments

In the beginning doctors, specialist and therapists would have nothing positive to say about Zack.  In fact, I would be reminded that Zack had suffered a severe injury to the brain and would most likely be profoundly disabled. 

When I had heard that for the tenth time that month, I often wondered whether the medical wonder that uttered the same phrase to me had also suffered some form of slight brain injury. Did they think I just hadn't got it? 

As time went on, the appointments got less. Actually, I learnt to weed out the ones that were unimportant and stick to the ones that provided the most value for Zack.

Why, you may wonder am I writing about this now? Well, over the past month I have had copies of two letters sent from consultants to my GP about wonder boy.  Usually letters follow a set pattern of fact then negative comments.

But within these, in between the usual diagnosis was the odd, and yes I read them twice, positive comment. 

Comments such as Zack is a responsive young man, Zack is more aware than you would assume, he very medically stable.

Essentially I think one more or less said, given that he is at the top end of worst case global brain damage you can have he can actually hold his head quite well, and in laymans terms I take that as being do you know what he is pretty dam good.

Of course I knew this all along. I don't need to hear someone else say that.........but it does put a smile on my face. 


Linda said…
Beautiful to see positive comments. I often think that people just don't understand and therefore make passing judgements that are uncalled for...and untrue. People with disabilities are as disabled as other make them to be! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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