A new vantage point

Strange things are afoot. Literally. We are talking moving legs and feet.

Over the summer Zack started to take steps with his legs. This miraculous account seemed unbelievable at first. I put it down to tone, using the high tight muscle tone in his hips forcing him to lift them. But he has performed this little piece of theatre several times, getting stronger and better with each practice.

We discovered it together. Innocently in the back yard, outside, playing with his sister. I stood him up, holding him underneath his arms. Zack loves to stand, he likes nothing more than to stretch, I encourage him to push, to bear weight through his legs. On this day he chose to lift his leg up and place it down, followed by the other. As I got more excited and shouted words of encouragement, Scarlett did laps. This was followed by such joy and laughter from Zack that he nearly threw up due to screaming with delight.

We told his new physio. I suggested we try him in a walker. She suggested we wait and let her assess him. Okay I agreed. I joined Zack at a recent physio session, the walker was out, a base with four wheels, with a frame and moving seat. She placed Zack in it, and whilst he reasoned not to show his new skills, I could see the delight in his face. The pleasure of being up, being straight, the freshness of a new vantage point. He loved it.

I agreed that she would try him occasionally in it and see how he goes. All the while in my mind I know I will continue in agreement with his physio but encouraging his movements. And one day, soon, I will buy him his own walker.

Zack has pushed me into believing in him. I think I stopped. For a long time I think I had given up, I stopped believing. I accepted the situation, thought this was to be him. He showed me it isn't and to get up and fight again. To believe in him. Always believe he can achieve more. Sorry I doubted you.


Anonymous said…
Hello, I've just come across your, sorry Zack's wonderful blog from the link in Cerebra website. I was looking for the Trolley Buddy.
I am so excited to read about the walker. Hang in there, physios get a bit twitchy about "abnormal" walking.
The fact that he is discovering some movement is wonderful. I am a physio and all my little people have walkers even those who don't step, yet. It's about giving them the opportunity, otherwise, how will they learn? It's another way for him to discover his world.
Go Zack go! You might like to have a look at www.themovepartnership.org.uk It's an approach the school can adopt which helps everyone to work as a team towards children and family's goals. Good luck!
Cassie said…
It's amazing what kids like Zack can suddenly start doing out of thin air. My little brother was one of about 1,500 children left brain damaged or killed by a bad batch of medication as a baby. He lived for 10 years and seemed to spend most of those 10 years daring anyone to predict his future. At the age of 9 years and 10 months, he taught himself to say his own name. His doctors told my mom she was hearing things until he decided to pipe up and demo his new skill in the middle of a neurology appointment. The doctor fell off his chair.

I love that you're encouraging Zack and his new skills. You never know what the future will hold- all you can is hold on with both hands and enjoy the ride.
Hello thank you for your comments. It's nice to hear that there are some shall I say braver physio's out there. Will look at the move partnership, thanks for the link.

Cassie, your brother sounds a character. And yes I am enjoying the ride, can't say it's boring around here.
Claire said…
Hi Linzi, just catching up in Zack's escapade, this is fab!! Way to go Zack!! John has a Lecky Kid Walk an its brilliant, I would highly reckomend trying one for size. X

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