Nudge on my shoulder

I have lapsed in my skills as a physiotherapist. I remember a time when I would do some physio every day with Zack, until life and another child got in the way. 

Don't get me wrong, I would at least do something once a week or even little bits here and there but not every day. I noticed that during a period of illness Zack had got very tense. He hadn't been to his conductive sessions for at least six weeks. Last week he returned. When I collected him, he was a different child, very relaxed, loose and not at all, tense. I mean, granted he could be in a state of shock having been put through the equivalent of a DVD session with Davina, but it did him the world of good.

And this nudge on my shoulder prompted me to instigate an after school regime. 

So now every day, after he comes home from school we get the mat out and do 15 - 20 minutes of physiotherapy. This includes stretching, tummy lying and sitting up. 

It also includes an assistant coach called Scarlett. More like an extra in a fitness DVD she sits by the side of us, stretches her arms up, and does splits with her legs. All, whilst watching Curious George. 

Zack seems to be enjoying after school physio. The other day he sat unsupported for six seconds and managed to pass six trumps too. Nice. 

It goes to show that if we want to we can fit things in to our busy schedules.

Oh yeah, if that's true, then why can't I fit in twenty minutes of exercise? Seems I am more motivated toward my son than I am at being fat free at forty.


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