Job titles

Before I had Zack I worked in marketing. Mainly within the education sector. I liked my job, it was interesting, if a little stressful at times. 

However, since having Zack I have developed an abundance of new careers and having written that last post it got me thinking (stand back I am having a Carrie Bradshaw moment) how many job titles do I have? 

Here's the list:

Health Advisor
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist
Administration Manager
Personal Assistant
Adaption Officer
Managing Director

Think that covers it all so far.  By far this job is the hardest, busiest and most stressful. And by far this job is the most rewarding, stimulating and motivating. Bet all you mums and dads of children with special needs are thinking of some I may have missed, feel free to add.


Ludy said…
I'm sure your are doing pretty well on each title. :) God BLess
Illina said…
This is so true. Sum up all those jobs = mother

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