Elevated his illness

I wish I could type a more light hearted post, what with the weather being so fabulous and all. At the moment although it's a glorious day I feel as though we are still stuck in perpetual doom and gloom. In fact, I will go so far to say that the beginning of my 40's has not been a great start, maybe this decade of my life shall be known as depressed at 40.

Zack has elevated his illness to sickness and poo. We still have mucasgate which to be fair is causing the vomiting and we still have minimal sleep. This is week number three. I know what the problem is as we all now have colds and coughs. It's small child and her pre-school pals, they are just germ rats. Whereas we can usually shake a cold within a few days Zack's goes on and on and on. Only good news is that it isn't on his chest. 

At the moment this blog should have a warning. Don't read if you're in a good mood and abandon all hope ye who enters here. 


Anonymous said…
I empathise with your position......been there and done that........not that that helps! My 23 year old with CP spent many years with a perpetual cold (and the fallout) and us glaring at anybody who came near him with the smallest of sniffles as you could be sure he would have it 48 hours later.
We found out that he had an idiopathic low white cell count and his paediatrician and G.P. came up with a plan about using low dose antibiotics at the first sign of infection. This worked brilliantly for us! As he has got older he is now into acupuncture in a big way and this apparently has the effect of raising white cells. We went for four years with no antibiotics.......I can’t be sure if it was the acupuncture or if he had got to an age where he had become immune to most things! Or a combination!
I saw in your other post that Zack’s is suffering from ongoing seizures/spasms/dystonia. For my son the spasms and dystonia were eased by regular botox injections while he was growing, Consultant never let me have botox despite my pleas!
I remember feeling like you are when I was 30........it has improved for the most part now!
Ha, thank you for your comment. It is certainly interesting about the acupuncture. I often worry that there is some underlying cause but we keep being reassured that it is just he normal routine of a child of his age and it lasts longer due to his condition. Glad to hear things have improved, very encouraging.

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