Keep a watch on it

You know that botox stuff? Turns out it's quite good. Normal service has resumed for Zack. Back to full on lying across me cuddles, back to standing frame, back to straighter leg (not entirely straight but much better) and back to school.

School. A new class and what's more, a new school. Kind of. The old school that he was in has moved to a new site which is lovely except for the parking facilities and the fact that it is absolutely crazy in morning.

I went in with my usual million and one concerns, Zack went in and proceeded to sulk nor speak to anyone. He has started back with two half days. Today's half day he came out looking shattered but apparently had a great morning. I am hoping this continues.

His epilepsy remains difficult. He is still having bouts of seizures, one day they are not lasting as long the next he is having longer sessions but less of the amount of clusters. We continue to keep a watch on it and I have found a great app on the Epilepsy Society website that you can use to keep a diary of seizure activity.

I hope his leg remains well but who knows. When the botox wears off it could go back to how it was or remain normal again. I am hoping for the latter.


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