Where else would you want to go?

Having completed two half days and a very good full day, Zack went to school for two hours last Tuesday morning before I get a call to collect him as he wasn't very happy. 

Yet again, we are met with a suspected chest infection, another course of antibiotics and a Pants that is coughing up a load of nast and updating his seizure numbers to a higher frequency.

Talking of seizures we have now increased medicine two and so far it has made not one dot of difference. This could be because he is ill which means we do the waiting game and see if things improve. 

However we just cannot get him right at the moment. Fingers crossed he improves in the coming days. Don't get me wrong he is still very happy and laughing a lot but I am sure he is thinking that he is now much too cool for school and is attempting the world record of a home staycation. 

Talking of staycations, I must share our photos of our brilliant holiday in the UK. We stopped at Cornwall for a few days before travelling to North Devon for the Great British seaside extravaganza.

The first spot we stayed in was, how can I put this politely, well, imagine what an old granny's cottage might look like in the 1970's, you know the one that has a few dogs, is a bit lapse with here personal hygiene. You get the picture? We stayed one night before I complained to the owner who moved us into a much nicer cottage. By the way prior to this move, he offered me a £25 voucher to use at the local pub. Nice try.

Cornwall was good, we visited Padstow, had some fish and chips from Rick Steins posh chip shop, (rip off price) but it was delicious. 

Oh, Padstow, that reminds me. A short tale of disability discrimination. Too long for this post I shall tell you in the next one.

We also visited Port Isaac, bit boring I thought. Very pretty, lots of expensive shops to tear the money out of hands of middle class tourists but pretty. Meh. That would be my final comment.

Before we drove up to North Devon we stopped at the Eden Project. We've been before and it is good, but the thing that impresses me most every time is the Changing Places bathroom. A proper disabled toilet with a changing bed that goes up and down, even showering facilities. Amazing, it makes all the difference.

North Devon. We booked an apartment in Westward Ho and oh yes, it was fabulous daaarlings. Loads of space and a hot tub on the roof garden. We had floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the atlantic ocean. My motto for the week we stayed was "Where else would you want to go when you have Westward Ho." (You can have that for free Westward Ho tourism marketing people, actually forget that if you use it I'm suing, but feel free to offer me some monetary value).

Ok, it's only a little seaside village and some of it is a bit chavy, but there are some good restaurants and Zack loved his hot tub plus in our en-suite there was a whirlpool bath with lights which he was even more impressed with. I swear we have both never been so clean, by skin was beginning to shine by the end of the week. 

Scarlett was addicted to the beach and I'm sure as the day's wore on she was morphing into a diddy surfing chick. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and easy going, what also got me was that nobody batted an eyelid about Zack. Usually you get the staring, the really rude staring but here people just looked smiled (not the pity smile), some people would come and say hello and chat to Zacky like he was just an ordinary little boy (which is exactly how we see him). It was a refreshing change. I was hoping I would get left behind in the Penthouse with the 55 inch 3D tv and full sky package. Alas it was not to be.

Here are some pictures. Aaaaaah good times.

I'm telling you mum Rick Stein better bring me my Scampi and Chips soon or else I'll go in there and cook it myself. Understood.

Aaaaaaah beer, it makes me so funny.

Swift drink of the rough stuff before I start. Actually he was very good.

Told you we loved the toilet at Eden Project, though it does like Scarlett and I are in desperate need of the loo.

I love my hot tub.

Yes I do.

You know,  just chillaxing,

The view from our window.

Again, where else would you want to go?

There was a sweet shop underneath the apartment, never give three year olds free choice.


busybusybeejay said…
super photos and it sounds like a lgreat holiday.I worked in a hotel in Westward Ho! When I was a student just for the summer season.Have you seen the British TV programme Doc Martin ?that was set in Port Isaac.A close friend of ours was brought up in P Isaac and finds it quite amusing seeing it in a TV series.Hope the health problems are sorted soon.
missionbean said…
Ooh where did you stay with the hot tub? It looks gorgeous. Would love to check that out with my little guy! He's 3 and has cerebral palsy too :) xx
Linzi Price said…
Hello, Missionbean, it was called Seahorse Apartments, they are online in Westward Ho. Wish we were still there.

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