Needed a pit stop

Farms. Aaaahhhh, the smell, the good old stinky smell of a farm. Can't say it's my favourite stench but something I will put up with on a visit to a local attraction, Stockley Farm.

How much fun can you have on a farm? Well, apparently a full day's worth when you go with us. One pinic packed, one car fully loaded as though I was going camping and we were off to the farm.

It started well, drive into a field, plenty of disabled parking. Now, where's the farm, oh yes it's just a short tractor drive away. Tractor? Is this accessible? Why yes it is. The tractor turned up pulling a big metal trailer full of hay bales, don't worry I was told we'll just get the ramp down. This ramp was massive but do you know they got Zack and I up quite safely and off we all bobbed down to the farm. 

It turns out that there is accessible parking right outside the farm. I pointed this out to the tractor driver who said, "yes, but then you wouldn't have had all the fun of the tractor ride." Well, quite right too. Told you the farm was fun and we had had only just got there. 

Zack, needed a pit stop so I could give him a drink. Off we went into an indoor area that had big bouncy inflatables, and a smaller play area for toddlers. Scarlett was very happy to disappear into the abyss of inflatable heaven whilst I gave Zack a drink. 

Then we took a look at some of the farm animals which included a pig who was quite possibly the first one I have ever seen who posed for photos. There were also goats, cows, horses, you get the idea. 

Throughout the day there were lost of activities going on including meeting rabbits and a pole cat which Zack really liked. We fed baby goats and lambs a favourite activity of Scarletts. We groomed ponies and whilst we were there we were lucky enough to witness a calf that had just been born. Although, I have to say at this point Scarlett was more interested in having a fourth go of the fake cow milking machine!

The picnic and outdoor play area was well maintained and lots for children to play on. We even went on the nature walk which was lovely and took us through woods, yes, I powered Zack through the forest.

Staff were brilliant and very accommodating, taking their time with all the children and making sure everyone got a turn of whatever activity was taking place.

My only and biggest gripe is the toilet facility. I think from memory it was a disabled/baby changing toilet combined. Which basically meant either I put Zack on the floor to change him, errrrmmmm, no, or I do the old wheelchair shuffle change. 

Such a great place to visit that is accessible for wheelchairs really does need to address the issue of providing suitable changing facilities for those with disabilities. By that I do mean the full changing places toilet,  not a bar on the wall to help you get off the toilet. Nope. The full on hoist, changing table experience. Go on Stockley Farm have a think about it.

Overall though, it was a very good day out. We shall be visiting again in the future. I'm a lot more accepting of the smell these days. 


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