We liked outside just as much as inside

Eureka! The National Children's Museum, Halifax.

We love this place. First off, as the label on the tin says it's a children's museum, everything is geared towards the little people. It is a utopia of fun. Imagine walking in to a place and you have your very own lets pretend shop, post office, house, bank, car workshop. Everything is touchy feely, created to inspire play and make-believe. 

It goes without saying that Scarlett loves this place. For one she doesn't get me nagging at her shouting "no touchy shop, no touchy".  It's safe for her to have the freedom to run around, everything is there to explore and investigate. 

Wait, I'm jumping ahead, let me start before we even get there, with the cost. The cost is very reasonable you can save some time and money by booking online, but what I like best of all is that once you have paid once you can visit throughout the year without having to pay again. Carers also get in for free. 

There is plenty of parking for blue badge users.  Outside has a brilliant giant sandpit, a train carriage that you can go and sit and have your lunch in, and other wonderful dens and places to explore. We liked outside just as much as inside. 

There are two floors to the museum all are easily accessible. A large giant lift takes you up to the second floor and the wide open spaces make it easy to get around with a wheelchair. 

As I said on the first floor is a mini real life set up, shops, banks, workshops. There is a sound space an area where children can explore sound and use their imagination to create music, whilst learning the science behind it all.

Up on the top floor is a gallery called All about Me. As the name suggests it's an area looking at the human body. There is a pretend dentist with giant teeth, an area where you can hear a baby's heart beat with an ultrasound, a place that explains all about our senses, a giant tongue and nose. It's fabulous. 

There is a restaurant on the lower ground and whilst it can get busy it is reasonably priced and the food is good. We found that going in just a little before noon can get you a seat easily but on busy days if you leave it later you could be waiting a while. 

Now lets just get to the really important part, toilets. 

Toilets are beginning to become a problem for Zack and I. We used to manage by squeezing onto a baby changing table, but those days are gone. The boy has got big and won't fit any more, what's the alternatives? 

Well, there's hoping he doesn't need changing in the time you are out.

There's trying to change him on the back seat of the car or in the boot. 

The worst, and I cannot ever bring myself to do this, is to change him on the floor of the toilet. This is what some people have to do, could you imagine doing that with a baby? There would be uproar. Those Daily Mail readers would be up in arms. 

Changing places are currently running a fabulous campaign to try and get suitable changing facilities into public spaces. And by disabled toilets we don't mean a wider space or a hand rail. We need a changing table, a hoist. You get the idea.

That's why when I discover a place that has suitable facilities for Zack I am really, truly delighted. And Eureka did not let us down. Oh no. There was a suitable toilet with hoist and changing table. 
Jump up and down and clap. Yes, well done. This makes life so much easier. Thank you Eureka.

It seems however there hard work has already been recognised with a Gold Award in the 2015 Visit England Awards, Access for All Category. Congratulations it's well deserved.

Zack gets a lot out of coming here. There is plenty for him to see, touch, get involved with. It's easy for us to access and they even have a scheme whereby if you give them enough notice they can get you an extra pair of hands, so to speak. A member of staff will assist you on your visit, how great is that? Here's a link to their page all about their accessibility.

I think you've gathered we are big fans of this place, it gets a massive 9 out of 10 from us. And a huge plus points for working hard on making it inclusive and accessible. We will be going again......well, it would be rude not to, we have our annual passes now.


Trizia Wells said…
Hi Linzi

As the Inclusion Manager at Eureka! I'm really pleased to hear that your family have such a great, accessible time when you visit us. We aim to take the stress out of family trips as much as we can and we appreciate your feedback. I wondered if you knew about our Saturday clubs for disabled children - we've one coming up on 7 November especially for children with impaired mobility. All free! Details are on the website but if you would like to know more, get in touch with me at trizia.wells@eureka.org.uk or 01422 398474. We are also always on the lookout for families who want to get involved in consultation regarding accessibility - developing new galleries and activities, etc. If this is something that interests you, please get in touch. Meantime, say hi to Zack and we hope to see you again at Eureka! soon :)
Linzi Price said…
Thanks for the comment. Yes I did know about the Saturday clubs, another fab thing about you guys. And yes we would love to be involved with consultations regards accessibility. Please keep hold of our details. Many thanks Linzi and Zack.

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