Can only accommodate six wheelchair users

Here's a pop quiz. 

When does a theatre show for people with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties) not allow people with PMLD to come along? 

When it gets it's promotion and booking system completely and utterly ballsed up, that's when!

I don't get to take Zack to anything special that's suitable just for him and his needs very often. Don't get me wrong, he still joins in with all the family fun and activities but the majority of it isn't very suited to his needs. 

When I saw a little tweet about a show called Home specifically targeted at an audience for people with PMLD I had to get tickets.

The touring theatre company had shows running at the Lowry so myself and a couple of Zack's friends agreed we would go to the Saturday showing in March as I was advised that this had the most seats available to accommodate our numbers.

All booked, all sorted, and three happy mummy's looking forward to taking their children to a special show. 

Four days later I get an email from the Lowry Theatre to contact them as a matter of urgency. It turns out that whoever booked our tickets had over-sold the show and in particular over-sold the seat number to those audience members in wheelchairs.

Oh yes. Despite my statement to the booking lady asking if there is enough room for three wheelchair users and she telling me yes, it turns out each performance can only accommodate six wheelchair uses.


A show that if you read the advertising blurb states it is specifically for people with PMLD but can only accommodate six wheelchair users at a time.

So lets get this straight our children are now not being allowed to go to a show catering for their needs because of their disabilities. Oh dear Lord.

No, no, no, no, no. Needless to say I strongly stated how disappointed I was and how it was unacceptable and all the rest of it.  Twenty minutes later and another phone call the production company have very kindly managed to accommodate us, adapting the show so that we can come along with our wheelchairs.

Oh, thank you. That's very good of you and we are grateful, miffed off, but grateful.  I'm hoping after all the fuss I caused that Zack doesn't decide it's not for him and kicks off big time during show time.

I'll let you know how it goes.


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