Thank you Mumsnet


Do you remember that post about the table with the special items? Yeah? Well that's what I think when I hear any mention of this site. (Look it up, I'm not going to explain myself).

I know it's power. The information, the forums, the go-to site for statistics for any given parenting slot on This Morning. Despite, all this I am not an avid visitor. I occasionally dip in when something on social media catches my eye. 

Such as last week a Facebook post popped up about an article in the Guardian featuring Mumsnet and their This Is My Child Campaign

I think it's only fair I give them some kudos for doing this campaign. A great awe-inspiring mish-mash of information about parenting a child with special needs. A fantastic resource of other parents, busting myths, offering support, providing guidance.

Christ, if Mumsnet needed a cheer squad right now I'd be with them, spanx on, shaking my pom poms. 

When Zack was born the one thing I felt so strongly was a sense of disconnect from the norm. A feeling of isolation. Who could I talk to? What could I read? Who would listen to me? What the hell am I going to do? 

I found the odd blog about people in similar situations which helped somewhat. Then I found the wonderful people at Special Kids in the UK. Then life happened and we adapted. But I never forgot, nor will I ever forget those very dark first years and I don't want someone else in our situation to feel as alone as I did. 

And here I am eight years later, still harping on, hoping that those kind readers can put up with the moaning. And those readers who want help find some solace or inspiration or some form of oooh that's a good idea. 

So, yes, Mumsnet, today you rock. Well done you. 

And thanks.


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