Say that without taking a breath

Say cheeeeeesssse. Zack's been to the dentist. 

We only visit the dentist at Alder Hey now. We used to go to the main dental place in Warrington and they were good but lets be honest, how many kids are they going to see like Zack?

Zack's teeth have never been, normal. But then again, Zack isn't text book is he? He got all his baby teeth except one top one that never appeared, probably couldn't be arsed to make an appearance. We had an X ray done of the missing tooth and it turns out there is an adult one there waiting to hatch.

Is hatch the right term for teeth coming through? 

Anyway, Zack, like most things with him takes his time with teeth. His gums are very thick and swollen. Dentists seem to think that this is due to the epilepsy medicine that he takes whereas the neurologist thinks it's nothing to do with that. I just think his teeth are lazy like him. 

He's lost a few of his baby teeth and grown some quite admirable front teeth. The bottom two seem to be at war with each other, one coming up straight the other twisted.

As you can imagine every six months when we visit the dentist I regurgitate a one minute monologue that goes along these lines.....
"Well, he's lost another two, but I'm worried that there isn't any coming through, and his gums seem really thick. And then there's that twisted one at the bottom, I mean what about the gums, how will the teeth come through. Are this ridges at the bottom it normal?"

There say that without taking a breath.

As always the dentist is very patient with me. In fact, he's a really good dentist. He should have his own children's tv show. Like that good looking doctor on CBeebies, the one that tells those weird puppets about tummy bugs.

When I went this time after my outburst, I looked round at Zack to see he had turned to face me and I swear to God the look on his face was one of, Jesus mum, will you relax. 

Turns out I still don't need to worry, everything is as it should be and all quite normal.


We don't get that very often. And when that word is used in a sentence with Zack it kind of throws you a bit. But yes, all the teeth are coming in the right order, he may be slightly behind by a year (but what's new there), all good, all fine.

Off we left, happy that all was good in teeth world. 

We didn't get a sticker though.....we'd like a sticker. Do they still do stickers saying I've been a brave girl?


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