Dan told me that this was a pound a deer

Zack spent his Saturday afternoon at Dunham Massey. It was his dad's idea to go, he shouted downstairs that they had let the deers out so we should go and take Zack to see them. I wondered where they had been hiding the deers and imagined them all locked up in a big shed waiting for October 17th when they could be released. I'm sure that's not the case but where have they been hiding?

For those of you who don't know, Dunham Massey is one of those National Trust places, you know, huge house, large grounds, special gardens etc. etc. oh and deer. It's only down the road near Altrincham and a nice afternoon out.

So we pull in to the car park and promptly we are charged £4 for parking and entry into the estate. I had to kick the back of Dan's car seat to stop him swearing at the bloke collecting the money, I think he didn't agree with the small sum exchanging hands. I did try and tell him that it is entry into the gardens, estate and car parking so well worth it. You see in my head that means entry into pretty gardens and big house. This wasn't the case!! Oh no, house and gardens extra, £9 extra so we just took a walk through the grounds to see the deer...... we saw four of them. Dan told me that this was a pound a deer I told him to shut up and that it was his idea and Zack was enjoying the fresh air. Zack enjoyed the fresh for half an hour, then got fed up so we got him out for a cuddle. After 10 minutes of this we got fed up and plonked him back in his buggy and carried on with the walk. It was good to get out and whilst we enjoyed it the Pants decided otherwise.

We went on to visit the brewery so his Dad could stock up on Dunham Massey beer then called into a local farm with a tea room so I could have a coffee and nice slice of cake. Zack liked it in there, he even gave the skunk eye to some small boy who almost ran into him. After the refreshments I went on to purchase yet more home-made cake to take home.....it was good stuff.

Following on from Zack's bath-time and food, he usually goes to bed about 9pm. It's quite good, Dan and I get to have our evenings together and he usually sleeps through. Dan declared that tonight was going to be first fire of the autum. We have an open fire place and Dan has gotten into the wood chopping fire burning thing, it's strange I think it must go back to some natural order of mankind but what is it about men wanting to chop wood and make a fire?

We had put the Pants down to bed, great I thought, I can watch the recorded X Factor, Dan can shout at the TV for a good hour and we're all happy. Nope. Zack decided he was going to stay awake. I went up and got him and brought him downstairs. Immediately his eyes caught sight of the fire....ooooooh what's this, so this is what you get up to when I'm not here, I like this, all bright and warm. So he stayed downstairs with us all, enjoying the fire and having a cosy family time. This was sometimes ruined by Dan telling me how everyone on the X Factor are useless and can't sing. I thought about chopping Dan up and popping him on the fire but I don't think Zack would be too happy so left it for that evening. But he's been warned.


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