The germinator is getting over his cold. He has done an excellent job of infecting me and Nanny and Grandad Price. A second course of antibiotics seems to have done the trick and he is getting back to his normal self, so it's good to see him being a bit less sleepy and more alert again.

We have had to cancel a lot of his appointments due to him being poorly. Luckily he hasn't had many booked in this week so we had a good week of not dashing about everywhere. 

The vision specialist lady came to see us but Zack wasn't doing too much apart from coughing. We went through his little development journal. They gave me this gigantic folder which breaks down his development milestones in to small bite-size chunks. It's quite a good idea, instead of the usual milestones that babies reach the journal is broken down into, well, baby steps. As we went through it I discovered that in his own way he is communicating with us and becoming more aware of his body. Apparently, when he completes section 1a he gets a certificate!

We are off to Sussex on Sunday to take him for his second session at the Scotson Advance Centre. We are looking forward to the little break, I have booked us into a nice hotel only five minutes away, it has a gym, pool and can see my thinking can't you. 


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