He had put on a pound in two weeks

Zack went out for Sunday lunch. He looked very smart and was a good boy. His now enhanced skunk eye was given to a cute little five year old boy who was staring at him....I sometimes get the feeling that Zack isn't going to play well with other children unless he can be top bitch!

Zack has also been growing....a lot. The new milk he is on is certainly having an affect. We went to see the dietitian and as I was getting him undressed for his fortnightly weigh in (Zack that is not the dietitian) I was saying to her how I don't think he will have put much weight on as he has been poorly with his chest infection. Wrong. He had put on a pound in two weeks. Amazing, he has jumped up a curve in his little red book. I was so pleased. I knew he had gotten bigger as he had outgrown most of his clothes. This is also a great excuse to go shopping for mini clothes, I never knew it would be such fun to choose little boy outfits. Oh who am I kidding, I have only been trying to dress Dan up for the past 13 years to no avail. I now have the perfect little guy who I can style to my hearts content and he doesn't even moan. In fact, I think he likes looking quite dapper. He has his gangsta look, his geek chic look, his preppy look and he is working on his collection of dressing up costumes. He could teach Gok a thing or two about being on-trend!

Zack's physio came round the other day. Zack slept through the whole session, well she did call at 9.45am and he doesn't get up until 11am, no amount of stretching limbs was going to raise him from his coma. We talked about his stretches and the physio made the suggestion of lying Zack on his side in his little room to encourage him to play so his hands are in a mid-line position. I tell you, I never thought I would understand what supine position and prone position is but shout them out to me and I can put a baby in chosen movement within five seconds flat. Physio told me that she has asked the OT to contact us with regards to Zack's seating so we are now on a little waiting list for I don't know how long.....good old NHS.

Zack took his first big boy bath tonight. I bought him a little seat thing that he lies in which frees up my hands. So I put some water in the bath and plonked him in this plastic seat. He knew something was amiss as he wasn't doing his usual floating position that he enjoys in his baby bath. He narrowed his eyes and looked at me. I then started the splashing. Oh.....someone likes the splashing of the water, I think the sitting in the bath is a big hit. At one point his feet where soaking in the water and he dropped his arms over the sides of his seat in a proper chillax position. Every time I would stop the water splashing he would look at me and almost stop breathing, waiting until I did it again. Big boy bath is a big hit.

Last thing to note is that we have noticed Zack is holding his head up a lot more when sitting on your knee. You can support him just at the base of his spine and he will sit upright for a short space of time. He doesn't do it constantly and his head will drop but he will pull himself back up again. Sometimes he will have a day where he will do his sitting up a lot, other days he will be a bit lazy and not do it so much. However it's a development and a good step in the right direction.


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