Which remained stuck in the air as evidence of his torture

We have started Zack on his two week blast of steroids. This has included three visits to hospital so that he could have his blood pressure, bloods and urine samples taken. On the first day the nurse managed to get his blood via a little finger prick on his thumb. The pants was not happy and by the end of it he sat on his Dads knee with his bottom lip stuck out giving everyone the evil eye. I would have felt sorry for him but I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that he had a big white plaster stuck on his thumb which remained stuck in the air as evidence of his torture. He got a I've been good today sticker, this didn't improve his mood but his dad and I thought it was cute.

So far we are on day three of the steroids and Zack has been a little out of sorts. He is vomiting up his food again, been sleeping a bit more and is generally a little irritable. This is to be expected with the medication but at least it's only for two weeks. We have also seen that his spasms have been increasing not decreasing. I am hoping by the end of seven days they will have decreased and Zack will be back to his usual self.


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