Okay that was impressive

Now Zack is on the mend he has decided that to introduce a new bedtime routine to our lives. Gone is the tucked up in bed by 9.30pm evenings and welcome to the I am staying up until 11.30pm at night event.

The little tinker has a great routine. He gets up at about 6am, has an early breakfast, nappy change, bit of a cuddle then back to bed. If he's lucky he twitters away in his cot for a bit whilst his dad gets ready for work and I get him out of bed for a cuddle in our bed where he promptly falls asleep. This ahem, lie-in, lasts until 11am. Then he gets up, gets dressed, has second breakfasts and is wide awake for the rest of the day until about 5pm when he has a nap. Then bathtime, evening food and what should be bedtime. Not tonight, he decided he would rather stay up and be wide awake at 10.30pm ready to play and looking for someone to take him up on the offer. He even tried to impress me by doing head lifting a good number of times whilst lying on my chest. I was not impressed. He tried to REALLY impress me by pushing up on his arms and lifting his head even higher. Okay that was impressive but I would rather you go to sleep.

I had a plan that the epilepsy drugs made him drowsy for a few hours and that if we gave them to him at about 8pm it would make him sleepy........plan didn't work, they make no difference whatsoever. And please no suggestions of waking him up earlier, it doesn't work. You can get him out of bed, dress him, do his nappy and it's like he is in a coma, he will not wake up. So hear I am now blogging at 11.30pm, after he has finally gone to sleep. Serves me right for being so cocky about his great bedtime routine.


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