I fear that Zack may explode from laughter. I don't know what was up with him today but everything was HAlarious. 

Revolving doors where daddy works. HAlarious.
Playtime in his little room. So HAlarious.
Combing his hair after bath time. Yep. HAlarious.

Even me. Me. Extremely funny, so was the word ready and showing him his comb. Here take a look at the Pants in his Little Room.

Do you know what is not so HAlarious, the NHS. I spent the morning chasing and emailing for appointments and equipment, the details of which I won't bore you with but needless to say a lot of things had not been done and it just isn't right. As a parent looking after a child with special needs it is hard enough the last thing you need is a few extra hours thrown in to chase people who are not doing there jobs. Okay, so it may not be that important to them but in our world it is top of the list, so come on, we know you have a busy job but please at least do what you were asked to do. Rant completed.


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